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3D-Printed breathing mask

A free simple breathing mask composed of 2 parts : the mask itself and a plugged cap to hold a tissue filter or whatever you want (you choose). Needs to be scaled to the good size before slicing and 3D-printing. Please use PLA for recycling possibilities. Thickness: 0.2mm (can be scaled on Z)

Discord Server "BlackMeta.1337" (free voice and video chat (with #text))

Hi ! Make your own opinion on DiscordApp.com, but I'll be using it. <3 !
Join me "there" to talk and share news from where you are ! ;)

>>> https://discord.gg/NqzKwby

Using Instagram.

https://www.instagram.com/metadavidvenancio/ !

WTFism, Impressionism and Surrealism RollerSkate Etc. <3.


(Sorry for not translating right now) >>> Afin de rassembler toutes mes compétences sur un seul site, j'ouvre, dans les semaines à venir, le site 3DLibre.com en utilisant Drupal.
Au planning :

  • Catalogue d'objets (avec navigation SANS Ajax !)
  • Service d'impression 3D communautaire regroupant les imprimeurs sur RepRap ou autres #OSHW.
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