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Freenode.net #reprap.pt registered


14:57 register #reprap.pt │
14:57 -ChanServ(ChanServ@services.)- #reprap.pt is now registered to metabaron.

metabaron is my first nickname on freenode.

#Portugues (pt & br)

<3 !

Log: April, May 2018

Since the Freekuency, I'v been at Santiago do cacèm in Portugal.
My mother, dispite the problems we had in France, achieved one of her goals: buy a house in the country where she was born, here at Santiago. She is so strong mentally !

Freekuency 2018 - Magic Rain !

YESSSSS ! Lots of rain for Portugal !
And after the rain... comes the MEGA-RAINBOW !

70 !

Yay !
So I confirm it's really easy and has nothing to do with old-school MMORPG.
I'll go try PvP and the Big-bosses which are my favorite part in any multiplayer game since Doom.

insultes via une plateforme web, twitter ou facebook ? faux pseudos and co.

Biensûr, cela ne fonctionne pas si TOR est utilisé de bout en bout par le/la relou... parcontre si il/elle ont juste un pseudo inventé sur twitter ou fb, là oui cela peut fonctionner.

Dans les journaux (logs) d'un site, on ne peut pas savoir facilement qui visite le site (info noyée dans la masse des visiteurs).

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