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up 67

no screenshot.
just for log.
I'm playing under Linux !
installed playonlinux, mono 3.3 and neverwinter following this guide with dx10 instead of dx9 : http://www.gamersonlinux.com/forum/threads/neverwinter-free-mmo-guide.17...
works perfectly but a bit slow.
(I should upgrade my hardware...) -_-;

<3 !

Anti-Loose Phone v0.02

Yo ! Finishing that and posting on github and 3DLibre.com of course. A last version and I'm good to go.


62 and 112mm high Celtic Skull in 15 hours

While leveling on NeverWinter, I'm 3D printing stuff.

0.3mm Extruder, 8% linear infill, medium speed for infill (80mm/s) and SLOW for external shell (40mm/s).



"it's gettin' hot inthere..." -_-;

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