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Anti-Loose Phone v0.02

Yo ! Finishing that and posting on github and 3DLibre.com of course. A last version and I'm good to go.


My heart is broken.
Every one thinks the other is stupid or dangerous.
Rumours of wars...
is Babylon burnin ?
is our Love dead ?
Not mine.
Because I still love a lot of people.
I hate some people, and this is my responsability.
I know they are really bad. Or am I wrong ?
How can I say that ?
I base my judgement on facts.
Actual real actions and words that I see and ear.

kicking some bosses

Toulouse skatepark

Portugal, 2018 !


I'm changing some things.

Like my nickname : metabaron340 becomes meta4.

https://www.massmulti.org is up again.
https://www.3DLibre.com is almost finished.

My main e-mail address is now meta4@massmulti.org .

<3 !

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