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Lagoa de Santo André 1993

Transformation d'un scan d'une vieille photo (fait en 15 minutes). J'adore cette plage de 70 kilomètres de long... et ses vagues de 3 kilomètres. Format un peu spécial pour la plage et l'image...

Blender testing

Compiz = Total Happiness !

Nice performances with my machine. Awesome for multi-taskers. I LOVE IT. > Compiz

Cosmo Energy Xzess (Role Play)

I simply love Lineage 2 and its gothic design. Building a character is a long journey in this vast -virtual- world. Thousands of players meet there and enjoy the game with passion. Patience, attention, communication skills, to talk about a few qualities, are required to play at high level (where I'm not yet).
After installing a L2J server to play with, you can see there's thousands of items in the database and literaly the same about monsters and non player characters. Its simply a great game which, while still simple to play, is highly complex. This of course to offer a unique experience to deditaced players at levels like 70+.

I'll be posting more stuff about L2 for sure. =)

Here is a screenshot from a private server I installed for testing purposes. >]

Below my char is selling stuff in rune township on "Bartz", an official server, "waiting for his master to have time for him" and even more: trying to make some Adenas.


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