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Green Porn à Lîlegal

14-15 Juin 2014 >>> Cours de montage et impression 3D avec une RepRap à Lilegal.org.
June 14th and 15th, 2014 >>> Been learning to cool people how to build a RepRap and print with it.

We Make Green Porn

Tripalium.org at work making wind turbines from scratch:
Tripalium.org at work - Eolienne DIY
Tripalium.org at work - Eolienne DIY

Building the RepRap:
RepRap i3 - step 1
RepRap i3 - step ?

Mes impressions du weekend? C'était pas plât en émotions tout ça !

Merci à toutes et tous pour ce super week-end ! A bientôt !

Working on my new micro-web-service.

Open3D-Print.Fr RepRap Prusa i3 r3W0rk - printing ABS with the new hexagon extruder.

RepRap "Prusa i3 Rework" +Electric Banjo +BeatBox ! Mix it up at la Bastide de Sérou !

RepRap "Manuel" Alpha 01

Hi, this is a work in progress. :)

Not sure about the RepRap naming but "Manuel" is my father's firstname (the good spelling in french would normally be "manuelle"). I still need to post something more detailed of course, but basically : This is a 3D Printer moved by hand.

Only one stepper is used to extrude bioplastic over the hotbed, which goes down under the workbench (Z Axis).

You move the extruder with a pantograph by following a model on the right.

The hotbed goes down by turning a wheel under the workbench (at each end of layer).

The extruder will be warmed up at 200C° and the hotbed at 60C° with some electronics (still). ;)

Bonne journée à tous et toutes. :D

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