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Librevue 3D network explorer

Work in progress (started at a Church of Security@Tetalab). =)

Multi-threaded network sniffer and renderer with the ergonomy of a FPS: you look around with the mouse and move with the keyboard. Based on Nehe-Production tutorials which are great for learning openGL.

LAN is the blue wiresphere.
Distant Networks are green wirespheres.
Hosts are red cubes.

October 2012: networks are just stacked. no tree-like representation yet.

December 2012: the size of the networks change based on the number of hosts but the value represented by the size could be other things like network traffic.
Still no tree-like organization because there's some work on ipv6 support, tracerouting the hosts, showing the packets ! (soon)
I'm actually thinking about the 3D representation (repulsion algorythms,treemaps), the functions and the ergonomy. :)

Grolab ! <3

On fait dans le hi-tech nous!

Check ça. ]XD

LAN-ARENA 5 / Paris 2001 / 800 Participants

Dernier LAN sur lequel j'ai bossé. Chargé de développer l'intranet de gestion de tournois en PHP/mySQL avec Axel Charpentier. GG.

Video LA5 by Slainou and Kase from metabaron340 on Vimeo.

Janvier 2001 - 800+ participants. Thanks pour les souvenirs.

LAN-ARENA : Organisées de 1998 à 2001 par l'association "Joueurs LAN & NET".
#1 : 60 Joueurs
#2 : 150 Joueurs
#3 : 300 Joueurs
#4 : 400 Joueurs.

Orga par "Ligarena":
#5 : 800 Joueurs. (la suite c'est ça : http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_Sports_World_Cup (Ligarena chez qui j'ai travaillé 7 mois au début du projet))

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