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RIP Iteration 2 : Vive Iteration 3 !

Après avoir ***grillé un fusible sur le matérialisme (de noël) *** et mon imprimante version 2 :

J'ai transformé en iteration 3 les restes de la 2.

Détruire pour Re-Construire en Mieux... Prêt pour 2014.

Merci Infiniment à Mix-Art Myrys et au Tetalab pour l'accueil ! (Tetalab dont je suis membre actif depuis septembre 2013 (mais présent sur Myrys depuis février 2013 breeeef))
Ma page officielle est d'ailleurs si tu veux plus d'infos.
BANZAÏ. Vive le Matériel Libre et le PARTAAAAAAAAAAGE !

Nouveau site massmulti.org

RepRap + PLA = Art Objects


Librevue 3D network explorer

Work in progress (started at a Church of Security@Tetalab). =)

Multi-threaded network sniffer and renderer with the ergonomy of a FPS: you look around with the mouse and move with the keyboard. Based on Nehe-Production tutorials which are great for learning openGL.

LAN is the blue wiresphere.
Distant Networks are green wirespheres.
Hosts are red cubes.

October 2012: networks are just stacked. no tree-like representation yet.

December 2012: the size of the networks change based on the number of hosts but the value represented by the size could be other things like network traffic.
Still no tree-like organization because there's some work on ipv6 support, tracerouting the hosts, showing the packets ! (soon)
I'm actually thinking about the 3D representation (repulsion algorythms,treemaps), the functions and the ergonomy. :)

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