Dusk at Gili Air (98)

Couché de soleil pris depuis Gili Air en regardant vers Bali (et son volcan).
Dusk at Gili Air island watching in Bali's direction (and its volcano).

Lagoa de Santo André 1993

Transformation d'un scan d'une vieille photo (fait en 15 minutes). J'adore cette plage de 70 kilomètres de long... et ses vagues de 3 kilomètres. Format un peu spécial pour la plage et l'image...

Blender testing

Compiz = Total Happiness !

Nice performances with my machine. Awesome for multi-taskers. I LOVE IT. > Compiz

Cosmo Energy Xzess (Role Play)

I simply love Lineage 2 and its gothic design. Building a character is a long journey in this vast -virtual- world. Thousands of players meet there and enjoy the game with passion. Patience, attention, communication skills, to talk about a few qualities, are required to play at high level (where I'm not yet).
After installing a L2J server to play with, you can see there's thousands of items in the database and literaly the same about monsters and non player characters. Its simply a great game which, while still simple to play, is highly complex. This of course to offer a unique experience to deditaced players at levels like 70+.

I'll be posting more stuff about L2 for sure. =)

Here is a screenshot from a private server I installed for testing purposes. >]

Below my char is selling stuff in rune township on "Bartz", an official server, "waiting for his master to have time for him" and even more: trying to make some Adenas.

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