NeverWinter Up 30 !

Leveling a new wizard is always a pleasure.
(I can finally play quietly from home)

Portugal, 2018 !


I'm changing some things.

Like my nickname : metabaron340 becomes meta4. is up again. is almost finished.

My main e-mail address is now .

<3 !

Impression 3D

Je propose un micro-service d'impression 3D sur REPRAP ! >>> (presque ok)

2 imprimantes 3D open-source hardware ou matériel libre
Extrudeuses de 0,5, 0,4 et 0,3mm ! =)

A votre service !

Was there. #CDL2017

Capitole du Libre 2017 @Toulouse
Stand impression 3D sur REPRAP i3.
=> 10.000 points d'XP en 3DP.


Go open-source hardware ! (and Help me !)

This could be a revolution... (those in the know have realized it already)

So I say it again and again : I DO OPEN-SOURCE 3D PRINTING !!!

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