62 and 112mm high Celtic Skull in 15 hours

While leveling on NeverWinter, I'm 3D printing stuff.

0.3mm Extruder, 8% linear infill, medium speed for infill (80mm/s) and SLOW for external shell (40mm/s).

Loaded E:\3D\GCode\celtic_skull_printable-with_hole.gcode, 1292549 lines
15103.70mm of filament used in this print
The print goes:
- from 40.21 mm to 139.79 mm in X and is 99.57 mm wide
- from 18.69 mm to 159.95 mm in Y and is 141.26 mm deep
- from 0.00 mm to 112.20 mm in Z and is 112.20 mm high
Estimated duration: 748 layers, 15:25:50
Setting hotend temperature to 210.000000 degrees Celsius.
Setting bed temperature to 60.000000 degrees Celsius.
Print started at: 01:29:12

The .STL file can be downloaded on Thingiverse, which I find horrible for browsing
Message for thingiverse: come on guys and/or girls, offer your visitors a real database navigation interface... not with AJAX PLEAAAAAASE ! T_T (old-school dev crying)