Log: April, May 2018

Since the Freekuency, I'v been at Santiago do cacèm in Portugal.
My mother, dispite the problems we had in France, achieved one of her goals: buy a house in the country where she was born, here at Santiago. She is so strong mentally !
I won't tell you all the details of the story, but please consider this : my father abandoned us when I was around 12 years old, she cried and cried so long, and that, I was the only one to see. My brother was gone too.
We, my mother, my brother and I, had to work to buy things, very expensive in Paris. At 15 I started making some money every saturday morning in the markets and then at 16 it was Saturday morning and Sunday morning (at Issy-les-Moulineaux and Boulogne-Billancourt) selling vegetables shouting "5 Fraaaancs le kilo d'tomates !".
So my mother worked all the week in schools with hard colleagues (some were mad and throw knives at her, or shouted on her), she kept working for years like this. Only me as a witness of her life. Only her as a witness of my life.
I Love you Maria-Amèlia Ferreira de Campos, you are in my heart.
We kept doing cool things anyway : she went dancing almost every week-ends, and I kept rollerskating in the afternoons of this hard saturdays, that I started at 4:30 AM till 2:00 PM (9 hours in a row) then directly going to the Trocadero to skate with the best ones.
Hopefully, we had a kind familly and my haunts and uncles always helped us with 50 "francs" as gifts or just to help me.
I kept learning well at school and never missed a year, lucky to have good teachers like "Madame Masson-Fenher", an history teacher who is my favorite of all time teacher, like a second Mum, she gave so many smiles to us that we loved going at her classroom, little stories that she told us, little details of History, she had learned with passion.
Yes History is IMPORTANT.
So here is the story of Maria-Amélia: born in 1936, she arrived in Paris in 1957 at 21 years old. Her first pair of shoes bought at 12 years old. She is the oldest of her brothers and sisters. She had to go to Lisbon very soon, and from there to Paris, with horrible german rich person who didn't care about employees. She had to change her boss and sent her to hell. With no fear, she found the "De Turkheim" familly (and knew "Charlotte De Turkheim", the french humorist, as she was a baby).
My mother, was good at work and never had problems finding some. She often covered my father on mistakes he did. He didn't want that life of "serving others", which I now understand.
Rest In Peace, Father, Manuel Canoeiro Coelho Venancio (died on 29 December 2014 while I was in Toulouse and him in Lisbon). He had made so many mistakes that I didn't want to go to his funeral... Thing I regret a bit now. I don't even know where he is buried or his ashes kept...
My mother still lives close to Paris, near Dreux.
The house she bought was empty all the year since it was completly paid (she had to rent it to pay the debt so there was an old lady in it and a couple with childrens, and finally no-one).
Now I'm here. The house got Optic-Fiber, 2 3D-Printers, A video projector to watch movies (cheap one).
I will receive all my friends here with pleasure.
I'v been homeless since 2014 by choice, nothing forced me except my heart.
<3 !

I had to post that...

... but about this last two months:
-Sold 3D Printed objects (https://www.3DLibre.com )
-Waited for the rain to stop (playing online and posting on https://www.massmulti.org )
-Been riding my skates and rollerskates: 1 normal skate, a longboard, my salomon's rollers.
-Gave up on helping someone who is not my friend (I was wrong).
-Paid my bills ! (which is NOT easy here since I'm new)
-Sold other 3D printed objects... and that's it for the "public" infos I give to the net.

If you know me, talk to me, it's a lot better than this poor text.

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