Freekuency 2018 - Magic Rain !

YESSSSS ! Lots of rain for Portugal !
And after the rain... comes the MEGA-RAINBOW !

70 !

Yay !
So I confirm it's really easy and has nothing to do with old-school MMORPG.
I'll go try PvP and the Big-bosses which are my favorite part in any multiplayer game since Doom.

No-life goes on, up 69

Still 3D Printing stuff on my 2 RepRaps.
Preparing for the Freekuency 2018.

Level up 69 on neverwinter nights (running on Debian).


Francky from Toulouse, a good friend died a few weeks ago and I didn't knew until now.
so it cuts completly my actual joy of being online again.
oh and another cool person, Stephen Hawkins is dead too.
Rock In Peace.
<3 Forever.

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