My heart is broken.
Every one thinks the other is stupid or dangerous.
Rumours of wars...
is Babylon burnin ?
is our Love dead ?
Not mine.
Because I still love a lot of people.
I hate some people, and this is my responsability.
I know they are really bad. Or am I wrong ?
How can I say that ?
I base my judgement on facts.
Actual real actions and words that I see and ear.
Like that, I know what I'm saying.
So let me hate those who really deserve it.
If you think I'm wrong tell it.
BUT I'm FREE and not using WEAPONS.
I'll keep on SHOUTING (or maybe SING).
(spontaneaous writing "now".)
PS: up 53.

btw, if you think I'm

btw, if you think I'm ridiculous. you hate me.

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